New Backyard Wood Fence

I recently completed work on the new fence in our backyard!  I have included some pictures and information about the changes.



We discovered that the location of the chain link fence had been incorrectly placed back in the 1970′s.  We had the back line surveyed and a report created by a surveyor to give to the property owner of the apartment complex behind us.  The apartment owner worked with us (he could have challenged us on it based on the longevity of the fence location) and we came to an agreement whereby we could push back the fence-line as long as we used the chain link fence to do so.  This created a problem for us as one of the main motivations for us to change the fence was to not look at the chain link fence.  Thus the end result is a few more feet of backyard and a double fence line.  Apologies in advance to the kids who’s play toys get stuck between the fences!

The fence is constructed from horizontal 2x cedar material attached to 4×4 cedar posts.  We have glass caps on the tops and decorative cross pieces on top that have become a bit of a theme in our yard structures.


Before, During and After images from a similar vantage:

In process photo:

showing the horizontal board construction

Completed fence photos:

… someone likes it already!!